GRIFFIN, Ga. (Feb. 10, 2024) – At approximately 2:49 am on Saturday, February 10, firefighters at Spalding County Fire Department Station 6 (Reid Station), located at 1843 North Hill Street Extension, were alerted to the smell of smoke within the station premises. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the fire truck housed in the station bay was engulfed in flames.

Firefighters promptly requested assistance from neighboring stations within the Spalding County Fire Department, as well as from Griffin Fire Rescue. Together, they effectively managed to contain the fire, preventing any injuries or further damage.

A formal request was made to the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office to determine the cause of the fire. We should have the results of this investigation by the first of next week.

In response to the incident, Fire and County administrations are collaborating on alternate plans for service coverage area response, in conjunction with Griffin Fire Rescue. Efforts are also underway to restore the fire station and replace the damaged fire truck.

The Spalding County Fire Department expresses gratitude to Griffin Fire Rescue for their assistance during this challenging time.