While this isn’t a “Firefighter” or EMS “close call” – it is worthy of sharing. And while I haven’t been an EMT since the 70’s, I work with and watch the best save lives in our and our neighboring departments. So I am interested when any Firefighter or in this case, Paramedic,  is accused of doing wrong – so we can learn, as the facts are revealed.
Could It Happen On Your Scene?
These (Aurora, CO) Firefighter Paramedics are charged with the death of a patient…Elijah McClain. And while the court outcome remains to be seen, this is an opportunity to discuss what is known amongst each other, our bosses, our Medical Directors, and local law enforcement bosses so…. if similar circumstances occur in your future, perhaps there might be a better outcome for everyone involved.
OVERVIEW: Accused Paramedics Tell Jury They Did Everything They Could to Help Elijah McClain
The two Firefighter Paramedic said they followed their training and protocols. Prosecutors poked holes in the paramedics’ depiction of their own actions.
Both paramedics, FF-Paramedic Jeremy Cooper and FF-PM Lt. Peter Cichuniec, testified in their own defense in an Adams County court on Monday. They said Aurora police who first contacted McClain stopped them from treating McClain effectively and didn’t tell them necessary information about his condition before they arrived. Those details included that an officer had used a neck control hold meant for restricting oxygen to a person’s brain, and that McClain repeatedly cried out he couldn’t breathe while subdued on the ground.
Prosecutors said the Firefighter-Paramedics did not properly assess McClain, misdiagnosed him, overestimated his weight and ultimately gave him a significant overdose of ketamine, leading to his death.
Fire PM Lt Peter Cichuniec and FF/PM Jeremy Cooper are each charged with manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and assault in connection with McClain’s death. Aurora police officers stopped, tackled and restrained the unarmed Black man as he walked home on the night of Aug. 24, 2019, after a teenage 911 caller reported McClain was wearing a ski mask and acting strange.


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ARTICLE: Two Aurora paramedics charged in Elijah McClain’s death defend actions, say police officers hurt their efforts to treat him
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