Here is some excellent video with audio below from early this morning in NYC.
When you listen, you’ll hear a “burst hose line” (causing water issues) as well as a member unaccounted for, (Ladder 29 irons firefighter) and the officer transmitted a MAYDAY for that very reason. The member was quickly accounted for and the burst line was compensated for by additional lines.
These issues make a fire even more “not so routine” …however because of FDNY’s “systems in place” of redundancy, for all of us to consider, as these two issues can occur at any fire, with any of our FD’s:
-Multiple companies on the initially dispatched first alarm.
-Multiple lines being stretched until they aren’t needed.
-On deck rapid Intervention (R3) companies staffed & ready.
-An Officer taking no chances on the missing member.
-Undistracted command with support at the command post.