Firefighter Cancer

Cancer Prevention at Natick Fire Department

Like most fire departments, the Natick (Massachusetts) Fire Department (NFD) struggles with increased rates of cancer in our firefighters. These are the steps we’re taking to protect our firefighters, and we share them in hopes that they’ll help other departments find the best approach to protect their firefighters. Natick Fire Department is currently struggling with...
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The Cost of Cancer in the Fire Service: Volunteer Firefighter Families Share Their Stories

Volunteer firefighters volunteer to fight fires and protect their communities. They don’t volunteer to get cancer. Watch the video here.
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Firefighter Carcinogen Exposure during Firefighter Activities

Here’s a vidoe put together by Chief john Buckman in regards to Firefighter Carcinogen Exposure during Firefighter Activities. Take precaustions to Decon after the fire with Fire Wipes. Click here to view the video. Click here to view more information about FireWipes.
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Spread the word: Firefighters need cancer screenings

It’s been just over five years now since my good friend Captain Andy Troncale of the Arcadia (Calif.) Fire Department passed away. Andy and I grew up together and played Little League in West Covina, Calif. We joined the Los Angeles County Fire Department as Explorers at age 15. We would ditch school and ride...
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Why Cancer Is Killing Boston’s Firefighters

Turns out the deadliest part about being one of our city’s rescuers isn’t running into a burning building. By Blair Miller Boston Magazine March 2017 It was nearly 100 degrees outside when the emergency call reached Engine Company 39. A triple-decker in Savin Hill had erupted in flames, and a haze of thick black smoke...
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25 year old Savannah Firefighter Dies After Cancer Battle

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Savannah firefighters are mourning the loss of one of their own. Local 574, The Savannah Professional Firefighters Association announced the passing of Advanced Firefighter James “Jimmy” Perez on Friday. The 25-year-old husband and father of two had been battling stage 4 liver cancer. “It is a tough day for us,” said...
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