California firefighter sheds light on job-related mental health issues in new book

Firefighters devote their lives to rescuing us — but who rescues them when the stress and sadness of the job become too much? A heartbreaking study found that in 2019, twice as many firefighters died by suicide than in the line of duty.

In “continue: Surviving the Darkness, Choosing to Live“, central California fire captain Derek Robinson vulnerably reveals how his job had a tremendous impact on his mental health. He joins New Day NW to share his story and tips for anybody struggling through job-related post-traumatic stress.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Inside, Derek shares how anxiety snuck into his life and took a stranglehold, taking you on a ride-along to the calls that took a mental toll on him and planted seeds of darkness in his life. By sharing his journey, Derek shines a light on a growing problem among first responders. Through his self-discovery, passion for swimming, and the support of family, he has survived and thrived. In hopes of helping others, Derek shares his story to raise awareness, reduce a damning stigma, and encourage others to seek help.