Yesterday it was Alabama, Saturday it was in New Hampshire-and it happens nearly everyday to Firefighters,Cops, EMT’s and related highway responders.
This morning’s decision to position a Dover FD ladder truck in front of a crash scene prevented a box truck from crashing into the area where several people were already being treated following an early Saturday morning wreck on the Spaulding Turnpike. In discussion with DFD Chief Paul Haas, “the ladder truck was there for a reason-to protect the public and the members assisting them. The ladder truck got hit because it was in a specific blocking position-and if it wasn’t, the box truck would have come directly into the crash scene”. There were 5 Dover FD members at the scene aiding the four people who were involved in the initial crash. 
Dover’s Ladder Truck 3 sustained what is being described as “significant damage” during the incident – and thankfully the civilian box truck driver who hit the ladder company suffered no injuries.