Fatal FD Crash, “Nothing Showing…Yet” & Cancer Compilation (The Secret List)


A collision involving a New Haven FD vehicle and a Honda Accord left one driver dead Saturday evening in Connecticut.  An NHFD SUV was driving west when the Honda Accord “swerved over the doubled line into the lane occupied by the SUV,” hitting the SUV head-on. Due to a medical emergency, the fire officials involved in the collision immediately began providing aid to the operator of the vehicle and even administered Narcan, according to authorities. The driver of the Honda died at a hospital. Kudos to the members who did all they could to attempt to save the victim’s life. 
Here’s a clip with audio from this weekend where Evanston IL FF’s arrived with nothing immediately showing and how quickly that changes. Note the perceptive dispatcher stating “nothing showing…yet”
As you will hear, it escalates to a working fire, multiple alarms, and an emergency evacuation. 
Just a good reminder for us all on how fast things can and do change from our initial size up, followed by a 360, etc, etc. Check out this clip from Steve / SRResquire.
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Reminders to never get “comfortable” when the initial report indicates “nothing showing” as all it means is at that moment, at that angle. we see nothing…but that can often quickly change:
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This month, for 4 weeks straight, the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and the International Association of Fire Fighters educated us on the very real issues of Firefighter Occupational Cancer. Here are links to each of the months of education and training for all Firefighters, Fire Officers and Chiefs along with state and local Government officials.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.

The Secret List 1/29/2024-1433 Hours