360's at MVC's A MUST!

As we have always been taught to do our 360 of an incident no matter what it may be. Walking around a building that is on fire, inspecting completely. Walking around the scene of a MVC etc… Always remember and be aware of all aspects, not just around and above the vehicles, but also below. The victims that were involved in the MVC last night of which we ran at the intersection of Brink Meyer and Hickory were very lucky! Sure the 360 revealed moderate damage to the vehicle with broken front axle and wheel, no obstructions above the vehicle, yet a very dangerous issue below. This vehicle had overtaken a KCP&L junction box where high voltage power lines are connected together below ground. While inspecting this from a distance with a flash light, law enforcement states it\\’s OK, its only a grinder pump for the sewers. KCP&L were ordered, and the vehicle was off limits from that point forward until KCP&L gave the go ahead. KCP&L arrived disconnected power to the area which de-energized the box, the vehicle was removed and EVERYONE WENT HOME. My complements to my FAO for a keen eye of always being aware and bringing forward the concerning findings. This could have been a horrible incident, because there were 3 adults and a baby in this vehicle of which all exited the vehicle prior to our arrival. All 6 people could have been dead on the ground prior to our arrival, because KCP&L stated there were 7000 volts traveling through that box, and contact with any part inside would have energized the vehicles which was only missed by inches. BE SAFE, GO HOME!

Lessons Learned:

Always be aware of your surroundings both above your head and around your feet.