By K2 Radio:

While various firefighters worked to contain the fire, other responders were tasked with handling what was then-believed to have started the fire.

Dispatch said that the fire was caused by a downed powerline, but as of now, K2 Radio News has been unable to confirm that with the on-duty Battalion Chief.

Evansville (Wyo.) Police Chief Mike Thompson stated that the cause of the fire is suspected arson. It’s possible the downed powerline was a result of the fire and not the cause.

Still, we’ve captured this video of a firefighter attempting to handle what appeared to be the powerline, and tragedy was neatly avoided when the line sparked in the hands of the firefighter.

It was a scary moment, but the firefighter appeared to be okay, walking it off and taking a breath before working with his compatriots on the rest of the fire.

Rocky Mountain Power arrived shortly thereafter to take care of the powerline.

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