my right foot fell beneath the pumper…..

I was in the Fire Department for about 1 year and was 18 years old, my company responded to a district call for a dumpster fire.  The dumpster was found to be directly adjacent to a taxpayer building so we tried to react quickly when pulling up at the scene.  I hopped off of the truck from the jump seat without really looking where I was jumping.  I tripped on some debris and fell flat on my chest.  My right foot fell beneath the pumper and truck lurched forward with the rear wheel stopping on my foot crushing and degloving it.  The doctor’s tried to save it for about three weeks but had to amputate it 6 inches below my knee the day after my 19th birthday.  I walked out of the hospital 3 months later with a prosthesis.  I returned to active duty 9 months later and continued to serve as an external firefighter and Certified First Responder.  Moral of the story…always pay attention to your surroundings.  It’s OK to be gung-ho, but not so much that you disregard your own safety and the safety of others.  I am a high school science teacher.