An 18-wheeler that skidded on an icy overpass Thursday night struck a Flint-Gresham Volunteer Fire Department truck while the fire engine responded to an area wreck.

The fire engine truck was going to a wreck at Toll 49 and Farm-to-Market Road 2493 about 8:20 p.m. According to Smith County Emergency Services District No. 2, the engine truck was hit by a 18-wheeler that jack-knifed on the slick overpass.

Due to significant damage from the collision, the fire truck is out of service and the full extent of damage is unknown at this time, Smith County ESD No. 2 said in a statement. The 18-wheeler also had significant damage. No injuries were reported.

Both vehicles were removed by a local towing company. At the time of the incident, several crashes were reported while bridges in Smith County were icy.

“As of this time a replacement engine has been placed in service at Flint-Gresham, and there are no service interruptions,” the statement from Smith County ESD No. 2 read.