5/7/1898 a Columbus, OH firefighter died as a result of injuries he sustained while operating at a fire involving a school house.

5/7/1917 a Springfield, IL firefighter “died while fighting a residential fire at the intersection of Seventh Street and South Grand Avenue. As firefighters were wrapping up firefighting operations. He climbed a ladder to enter a third-story window and lost his footing as he stepped through the window, and his right arm came into contact with an exposed electrical wire as he fell into the room. He was electrocuted and, because the floor was wet from firefighting, three other firefighters in the room were knocked down by the strong electrical surge. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance, but he was pronounced dead before reaching the hospital. The other three firefighters were not seriously injured.”

5/7/1927 two Harrisburg, PA firefighters died at “a general-alarm fire involving a commercial garage and a four-story printing firm. The two ran across to the street to the fire. After some time had passed, it was discovered that the two men were missing. A search began, and their bodies were found lying in different areas of the smoldering ruins. Both had died of smoke inhalation.

5/7/1928 two Bloomington, IL firefighters died from injuries they sustained after a wall collapsed at the Furniture Company fire. The two firefighters entered the building, after entering a pancake collapsed occurred. Several other firefighters were buried under bricks along with five other men.

5/7/1940 a Chicago, IL firefighter died of asphyxiation due to smoke at 958 W. Wrightwood.

5/7/1948 a Cambridge, MA died while operating at a two-alarm fire in a chemical company, he died after being overcome by smoke.

5/7/1953 an East Harlem – Manhattan, New York (FDNY) firefighter died of smoke poisoning while fighting a basement fire in a vacant four-story tenement, #64 E. 104th Street.

5/7/1957 a Brooklyn, New York (FDNY) firefighter died while operating at a two-alarm fire.

5/7/1960 a Brooklyn, New York (FDNY) firefighter died as a result of head injuries sustained when he fell from a ladder while operating at a single-alarm fire.

5/7/1972 three Newark, NJ firefighters died during overhaul at a three-alarm fire in a vacant three-story brick building, a collapse occurred which resulted in their deaths.

5/7/1976 an El Paso County, CO firefighter “was killed in the line of duty while fighting an apartment fire at the Yorkshire Apartments. The fire also claimed the lives of three family members: a mother, her 5-year old daughter and her father-in-law. The firefighter fell through the burning roof when the joints collapsed. There were several other firefighters who were injured in the blaze. The fire was caused by gasoline being stored in open containers and placed too close to the water heater pilot light.

5/7/2014 Tampa, FL the bodies of two adults and two teenagers were found inside the home at 16223 Sierra De Avila in the exclusive Avila neighborhood just north of Tampa; the house, valued at nearly $1.6 million, was destroyed in the blaze, which investigators said was intentionally set.

5/7/1991 a fireworks plant fire in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, killed twenty-one.

5/7/1912 a hotel in Waukesha, WI was destroyed by fire.

5/7/1908 New London, CT the Pequot House, an old famous hotel at the entrance to New London harbor, was destroyed by fire.

5/7/1901 an apartment fire in Chicago, IL killed seven and severely injured three that destroyed a three-story apartment building at 9316 Marquette Avenue.

5/7/1896 Elyria, Ohio conflagration, that likely started by “tramps” in a barn behind the livery stable, spread to several frame structures.

5/7/1890 Norwich, NY the Chenango County Poorhouse fire left thirty dead. An inspector “examined the asylum in November last, and found that it was a two-story and attic frame building, separated from the pauper house by a 12-foot road. There was absolutely no protection against fire, and the means of escape were so meager that if the fire started in the asylum there would not be a chance of escaping for a single inmate.”

5/7/1899 Woonsocket, RI Driving Park explosion and fire was started from a brush fire.

5/7/1862 much of Enschede Netherlands was destroyed by fire.