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FDNY Fire/Collapse-FF’s: Grave Condition

Am on the road on the way home with my family-so I have limited access andtime to send this-but there was a very serious multi-alarm fire and collapsein The Bronx earlier today. As of this time (1640 hours eastern) 5 FDNYmembers were removed with at least 2 of the members in extremelygrave condition.Unofficial sources are...
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FF’s Construction Concerns Continue

Hey….With the new software, we need to run a few tests of the Secret List. And as we were getting ready to send it, this piece was sent to us.This is information related to the type of very hazardous residential type floor construction that almost all of us have in our fire districts…and should be...
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Below you will find an article from Phoenix regarding the recent tragic death of Firefighter Bret Tarver. In the week following that, a few of us were together with Chief Brunacini, teaching in New Hampshire and heard these below written words first hand….interesting discussion. We discussed things such as thermal imaging, pass devices, tracking of...
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Hey…This is a quick one as we write to you from Baltimore, at Firehouse Expo. ACCOUNTABILITY: A Firefighter who reads this wrote me the other day and asked why we only write about problems and bad stuff… it gets him depressed. I suggested the go watch the Comedy Channel and reruns of Mister Rogers. We’ll...
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Hey… We just got word that a New Bremen, Ohio firefighter died this morning at a silo explosion while operating at a fire in a lumber yard. Witnesses say that the explosion rocked the Hoge Lumber Company, located in New Knoxville, (Northwestern) Ohio close to 9:00. Scott Sehroer, the New Knoxville Fire Chief, says seven...
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Hey… Here is some additional information. Firefighter Martin McNamara, 31, a three-year member of the Lancaster, Massachusetts F.D. was killed at the fire early this morning. Reports are that there were several explosions and the situation may have been caused by a natural gas leak. More when we get it. As always-our deepest thoughts and...
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