NIOSH: Federal Investigation Underway After Expolsion Kills Loudoun County Firefighter (Virginia)

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) will conduct its own investigation after a house explosion in Sterling killed a Firefighter. Trevor Brown, 45, was one of the Loudoun County Firefighters who responded to a home on Silver Ridge Drive Friday after neighbors reported a strong smell. Brown was outside of the house and...
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The Los Angeles Fire Department announced the most injured in last week’s explosion out of the nine firefighters was extubated, marking the beginning of a lengthy recovery. The firefighter is awake, alert, and talking. The next steps in recovery will be to introduce food as tolerated. Another firefighter who was also injured critically was discharged from...
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CRITICAL FOR EVERY FIREFIGHTER: From IAFF & UL: Fire Response to Residential Battery Energy Storage System Runs

As the installation of residential energy storage systems (ESS) increases, the frequency of fire incidents involving these products will increase. To date, at least 60 residential ESS fire events have been documented globally, including 19 incidents in 2022 and 21 incidents at the time of this publication in 2023. In response to this new and...
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“ACTIVATE YOUR PASS ALARM!!” Part 2-LODD of 2 Newark NJ Firefighters-Media Investigative Report

Here is Part 2 of 3 of this highly detailed investigative report into the double Line of Duty Deaths in Newark, New Jersey at what is clearly a low frequency-high risk event. “We are committed to having those responsible for the loss of two precious lives held accountable,” said Michele Brooks, who called her Firefighter husband...
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MUST WATCH: Investigation of Newark Firefighters Shipboard Double Line Of Duty Deaths

Below is an introductory video, links as well as some excerpts from this media article/investigation related to the Line of Line-of-Duty Deaths of Newark NJ Firefighters Augusto “Augie” Acabou, 45, and Wayne “Bear” Brooks Jr., 49. The report (which includes input and commentary by nationally recognized fire service subject matter experts) is linked below. We recommend that...
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Passenger’s Backpack Catches Fire as Plane Takes Off from JFK Airport

A JetBlue passenger’s carry-on burst into flames just as the plane was about to take off — which he called “one of the scariest moments of my life.” Jimmy Levy was in his seat on the aircraft at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Monday when he woke up to the feeling...
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