Fire Communications

Lightning Hits 9-1-1 Center

 The Anderson, SC 9-1-1 center was recently struck by lightning, temporarily knocking out service and injuring employees. In the middle of summer storm season, it’s a good time to ask what degree of COOP have you done for your dispatch? We all know about RIT and stretching a second line on the fire ground, but...
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911 Center Faces Bankruptcy

In a case of “what’s next” with the economy, the board of the Barry County 9-1-1 District may be facing bankruptcy. Although spending cuts are in place, a series of events has placed their financial future in jeopardy. Here’s the story:
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Incident Prompts New Training

An unflatering observation by a calltaker Hawaii has resulted in a readdresing of training needs. While taking a call from the sole survivor of a fireworks bunker explosion, the telecommunicator referred to him as a (expletive) idiot. Read the full story ehre:
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Address Mix-Up Causes Delay

Confusion concerning the jurisdiction of an address led to an 8 minute delay in apparatus arriving at a structure fire in PA. Catch all of the details at:
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Interoperability Solved

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to catch this video concerning fire service communications and interoperability. It’s priceless…..
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Fired Dispatcher Sues City

In what is probably the most convoluted series of events I’ve seen in a long time, a fired Milwaukee Fire Dispatcher has sued to get his job back. The triggering incident behind his dismissal makes for interesting reading, and could well be a plot for a mini-series. Sort through it yourself at:  
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