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Critical Incident Management & K-9 Comfort Dog

ByGary Bettenhausen April30, 2014 Byway of introduction I am the Bureau Chief of EMS with the Oak Lawn FireDepartment in Oak Lawn, Illinois. I began my career in 1987, as an EmergencyRoom (ER) Nurse & volunteer firefighter. In 1993 I switched to full timefirefighting and continued to work in local ER’ s. I was promoted...
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Rise in Suicides Seen In New York City Children

The factthat suicide is a challenge for all of society including firefighters as it appliesto our families is becoming more and more apparent. This New York City report speaksto the issue. Be vigilant for your families and the issues our children arefacing. For some resources go to our links for Personal Survival.   10 NYCschoolchildren...
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“I Wish You Could”

 As I talk to more andmore first responders throughout the country it is apparent that we aren’tdoing enough to help our brothers and sisters deal with the stresses that weface both from critical incident responses and the PTSD that can result fromthem as well as dealing with everyday life which can add a ton of...
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What You Should Know about Firefighter Stress

Firefighterstress: What you should know Follow @FireChiefMag By Linda Willing A firefighter who is normally skilled and confident has beenmaking mistakes and becoming confused during routine tasks. An engineer hasbecome withdrawn and is isolating herself in the station when on shift. A company officer who is usually easy going has become shorttempered with his crew....
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Resiliency Training

Fire recruitsget ‘resiliency training’ Littleton Fire Rescue seeks to stopPTSD Jennifer Smith As the south metro area knows all too well, dealing withtragedy can be trying, to say the least. But Littleton Fire Rescue is taking steps to ensure itsrecruits enter their careers with the tools to cope, becoming just the seconddepartment in the country...
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Time and Sacrifice

Time andSacrifice By DonPrince Doingwhat we do is an amazingly rewarding sacrifice of our time and for thecommitment that we make when we sign up to be a part of something that, overtime, grows within us and becomes part of who we are.   Time spent helping strangers, time spenttraining and being a part of a...
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