Burning Flatbed Rolls Away – Injures FFs

At approximately 1400 we received a call for vehicle fire south bound on the Eastern Extension of the New Jersey Turnpike. Two Engines, a Ladder Tower, and a Deputy Chiefs vehicle were dispatched to the scene as per our normal response. Upon arrival we found a flatbed truck with the cab and engine compartment fully...
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Peach Co, GA Ambulance Rollover

Peach County (GA) EMS ambulance overturned responding to an overturned vehicle about an hour ago. One paramedic was entrapped and both were transported to the hospital.  
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Wrecker Driver almost splatters two firefighters and State troopers

Sunday July 26, 2009 – We got on scene in POV to a motorcycle wreck around 10pm Sunday night. The motorcycle had run from troopers and wrecked into an area of road in a rural wooded area on a set of s-curves. Medical personell decided to lifeflight the driver. So, we all relocated to an...
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Wrecker Driver Sends Vehicle Rolling Towards Patients!

While treating patients of a motor vehicle accident, the wrecker driver hooked to one vehicle. He began to pull the vehicle away from the other vehicle. Once the vehicle was clear, the other vehicle began rolling toward a police car holding a patient from the accident and a fireman. Lessons Learned: Always check the emergency...
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Ambulance Almost Struck while Transporting Pt.

Our ambulance was transporting a patient to the hospital around 10:00 Tuesday morning. We were starting up a hill, in the right lane of a four lane highway. A car in the left lane started up the hill slow, and a truck behind the car blew his horn. I have no idea what the driver...
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In attention causes Captains foot to become caught in ladder

I Heard the scream of my captain. On June 6 at 11:30 a.m. the fire dept was having group training, one group was at the 105ft rear mount quint. The quint was across the street from the station parked on a flat street and no objects in the way, far as power lines or buildings....
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