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Fighting Firefighters, Fighting FF Cancer (The Secret List)

Thursday, October 22, 2015   Hey,

This week, actually right now, the Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance is meeting in Arlington, VA.


Coordinated and lead by the NFFF, the alliance is the group of firefighters, medical and industry professionals - fighting the firefighter CANCER challenges.


Amongst the presentations (and working break out sessions) include Boston Fire Commissioner Joe Finn-and the efforts he and his Boston Firefighters IAFF Local are taking to reduce firefighter exposures and cancer.


If you hadn't seen it, here is the outstanding BFD Firefighter Cancer Video:


The following organizational leaders are on hand here in Arlington, seriously working on the challenges of firefighter cancers...we are well represented including:

IAFF, IAFC, NFPA, NFFF, FCSN, FEMA, NVFC, IABPFF, NIOSH, USFS, CFSI, FASNY, NFSA, IFSTA, medical experts and several supportive fire service businesses and fire service media leadership from Fire Engineering and Firehouse.


Most Firefighters don't know a Firefighter who was traumatically killed in the Line of Duty....but you'd be hard pressed to find a Firefighter who DOESN'T know another Firefighter that has-or had cancer. It's a big deal.


Fortunately, the leaders from the above organizations and others are now hard at work in a very coordinated effort (on behalf of all of us) on the Firefighter cancer fight. Much more to follow.


In appreciation for their efforts, here are some things we can all do now to minimize our chances of getting FIREFIGHTER CANCERS. Download it, print it, post it, pass it on:


Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 10-22-2015-0945 Hrs







Thursday, October 22, 2015  All,

Happening right now in Lorain County, Ohio. Initial reports are that South Amherst FF's were on an open burn complaint. During the incident, something went wrong and now reports are the crew is being held hostage in a wooded area. Police agencies are on scene now.

We'll post more as applicable here and on our home page.


Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 10-21-2015/2050 Hrs





2 DETROIT FIRE MEDICS STABBED-Serious Cond (The Secret List)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015   All,

2 Detroit Fire Department paramedics are in serious condition after they were attacked, slashed and stabbed repeatedly while trying to help a woman on Detroit’s west side, and the suspect remains on the loose. It happened just after midnight this morning in a neighborhood just east of the Lodge Freeway along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The paramedics had been called to the area to treat a woman with an ankle injury when a man who was with the woman became “agitated” and attacked.

A male subject on scene was upset at the assessment of the medics,as they were treating her and at some point during the encounter, he produced this weapon. The suspect first went for the male paramedic, who has been working with the department for about two years. When the female paramedic, a 13-year department veteran, stepped in to help her partner, the suspect turned his attention — and his weapon — to her. Both paramedics were stabbed and slashed repeatedly before making it back to their vehicle. The paramedics then drove themselves to Detroit Receiving Hospital where both remain in serious condition.

“It was a horrific scene. The EMS rig, the scene inside of the rig is horrific. Their injuries are horrific,” Fire Commissioner Jones said, adding that both paramedics will have significant scarring. “Both of the EMTs are going to require some extensive surgeries. The injuries — they came to within inches of dying.”

The suspect took off running after the attack and is currently being sought by police. His description was not immediately released. KTIYP's

Take Care. be Careful Pass It On.


The Secret List 10-20-0800 Hours 





Every Firefighters Biggest Battle (The Secret List)

Friday, October 16, 2015   All,Some of your Brothers and Sisters took time to create these videos on our biggest battle-cancer. 
Here is an excellent 10 minute new video that is worth your time to watch, to share and pass it on. It's from the Firefighters Association of the State of New York.
Please check Out This New Video:
Related Videos:
Here is a hard hitting video on cancer from Boston FD:
Here is the Firefighter Cancer Support Network video:
Here is the Fire Engineering Video on the FF Cancer Epidemic:
Honor, Pride, and Tradition - The Fight Against Cancer in the Modern Fire Service (Fairfax County FF's)
And HERE is one from New Zealand Firefighters:
Please take time to watch and share these important messages. 
Take Care. be Careful. Pass It On.
The Secret List 10/16/2015-1530 Hours 





Apparatus Struck-Extreme Close Call (The Secret List)

Friday, October 16, 2015   All,

An engine from the Ritchie VFD (Prince George's County Fire/EMS, MD Co 37) was parked in a barrier (protect the scene) position on the beltway, when they were violently struck from behind about 2300 hours last night. According to PG County Fire Chief Marc Bashoor, they had just arrived at the scene of a separate accident where a rescue squad and ambulance were already working a minor accident - the first arriving units were actually positioned in front of the scene due to confusion over a flat tire they stopped at first on the other side of the road vs the minor accident,

The engine company was positioned and 2 of the 5 Firefighters dismounted to determine whether any additional hands would be needed to assist. Just after they dismounted, a van at speed struck the rear end of the engine (pictures on our homepage as well as links below).

Units on the scene were used to extricate the entrapped van driver, who was transported to the hospital in serious condition. The three members on the engine were transported to a local hospital for a checkup - they will be ok. Once again,  another example of where barrier protection worked to protect an active scene.


More photos and details of the crash here:

Additional details will be posted at:


FREE FIREFIGHTER TRAINING related to operating apparatus/positioning and protection on roadways is HERE:

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass it On.


The Secret List 10/16/2015-0800 Hours 





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