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Fire Apparatus Crash-Serious (The Secret List)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014  Hey,

At least 6 people were critically hurt (some reports are up to 10) after two apparatus collided with each other, struck pedestrians and then crashed into a building in Monterey Park (Calif) just a little while ago.
Initial reports are that the Alhambra apparatus collided with a Monterey Park apparatus engine, sending the apparatus into a restaurant on the corner.
6 people were transported to L.A. County USC Medical Center in critical condition. Further injuries were expected to be reported. No details yet as far as Firefighter injuries.

We posted a picture on our home page. Much more to follow. KTIYP's.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass it On.


The Secret List 4-16-2014 1830 hours





CHILD DROWNING-Watch This Video (The Secret List)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014  Hey,

A number of years ago, when we were living and working in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, I was intimately involved in a child-drowning prevention program. I was blown away at the number of responses we made to these types of calls and how, in many respects, little to nothing was being done from an educational and prevention standpoint.

We developed a great program that continues today-one that measurably recued the incidents, with a very strong focus on drowning prevention for kids. The main focus was "eyes always on kids" a well as the establishment of physical barriers to water/pool etc where it would be an absolute hassle for an adult to reach--with the theory that if it was tough for an adult (several locks, hatches, doors etc) it would be impossible for a kid. Today, technology, alarms and motion detectors help the effort of responsible adults helping prevent drowning's of little kids.

Of the many resources we used to educate people on how quickly a child can end up in water, nothing (other than being on a scene) I had seen (until now) could have the impact of this video:


- a security camera "witnesses" a child that ends up in the water. Please watch, share, copy, post and pass this on.
Trust me. This video does it.



With warmer weather coming, now is the time to blast this stuff all over your town via whatever means you have. While we may "love" responding to calls, this is the kind of run no firefighter or medic ever wants to turn out on.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 4/16/14-1300 Hours 


as well as @billygoldfeder (on Twitter)







Single Family Dwelling Fire: Remembering Kyle Wilson (The Secret List)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 


As you are hopefully aware, Technician (Firefighter) Kyle Wilson of the Prince William County (VA) Department of Fire & Rescue was killed in the Line of Duty when he horrifically but heroically gave his life at a single family dwelling fire on April 16, 2007. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his Line of Duty death.

PLEASE take time to check out the links below that include video access, slides, photos and graphs to help you-and your crew understand this fire.


Technician Kyle Robert Wilson was 24-years old when he joined the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue on January 23, 2006. 

He died in the line of duty on April 16, 2007 while performing search and rescue operations at a house fire on Marsh Overlook Drive. On that day, Technician Wilson was part of the firefighter staffing on Tower 512 which responded to the house fire that was dispatched at 0603 hours. The Prince William County area was under a high wind advisory as a nor’eastern storm moved through the area. Sustained winds of 25 mph with gusts up to 48 mph were prevalent in the area at the time of the fire dispatch to Marsh Overlook Drive. 

Initial arriving units reported heavy fire on the exterior of two sides of the single family house and crews suspected that the occupants were still inside the house sleeping because of the early morning hour. A search of the upstairs bedroom commenced for the possible victims. 

A rapid and catastrophic change of fire and smoke conditions occurred in the interior of the house within minutes of Tower 512’s crew entering the structure. Technician Wilson became trapped and was unable to locate an immediate exit out of the hostile environment. Mayday radio transmissions were made by crews and by Technician Kyle Wilson of the life-threatening situation. Valiant and repeated rescue attempts to locate and remove Technician Wilson were made by the firefighting crews during extreme fire, heat and smoke conditions. 

Firefighters were forced from the structure as the house began to collapse on them and intense fire, heat and smoke conditions developed. Technician Wilson succumbed to the fire and the cause of death was reported by the medical examiner to be thermal and inhalation injuries.

We take time out to remember the loss---and provide the below links to learn about the fire, an excellent way to honor his life for all FF's.






Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 4-15-2014 / 2100 hrs

Please consider your support:





UL FSRI Launches New Online Course/Congrats to Steve Kerber (The Secret List)

Friday, April 11, 2014  Hey, and are proud to partner with to host UL's newest online course: “Scientific Research for the Development of More Effective Tactics” - an online course that serves as a culmination of the full-scale field experiments performed on Governors Island by the Fire Department of New York, NIST and UL.  The interactive training takes learners through a research timeline of the previous fire dynamics research conducted by NIST and UL, all of the details that went into the tests, test results, and tactical considerations derived from the test results. This course brings science to the streets by examining two main groups of tactical considerations. The first group looks at the impact of controlling ventilation and flow paths. The second explores the use of exterior fire attack as a means to rapidly reduce the fire hazard inside the structure in order to facilitate interior fire operations.   Fires were conducted within numerous 3 story residential row houses with ignition occurring in the basement, in the first floor living room and in a second floor bedroom.


UL FSRI Director Steve Kerber shared, “This training program presents the most up to date fire dynamics research in a way firefighters at all levels can comprehend.  It builds off of all of the UL and NIST firefighter research to dat

e and provides students with the science they need to examine their tactical approaches.  Tactical considerations are presented with video and data in a way that is easy to understand.  For the firefighters out there that want all the details, buttons allow access to all of the data graphs, experimental video and relevant FDNY procedures.”

There are many features to this course that will increase fire service knowledge.  An initial interactive research timeline provides links to more than 15 years of previous UL and NIST research that led to this series of experiments.  Then basic fire dynamics concepts are introduced and linked to tactical considerations that will allow for the students to re-examine their current operating procedures.  Finally, students have the opportunity to use interactive examples to develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of ventilation and water application on fire dynamics.

The course link is:

For mobile users, the course is compatible with tablet devices and iPad via the Articulate Media Player application in the App Store

  In closing, Congratulations to UL FSRI Director Steve Kerber on his 2014 George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award. Steve's vision for a thinking firefighter and drive to provide firefighters around the world with knowledge truly exemplify what is means to be great leader and educator.  

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 4-11-14-1700 hours






Friday, April 11, 2014  Hey,

The NYPD has overhauled its "fire response" protocol - and is working on plans to provide basic fire training to officers in the wake of adeadly arson fire that killed a seven-year NYPD veteran and critically injured another officer. Hmmmm.


The Police Chief ordered new rules that went into effect immediately, including maintaining communication with fire dispatchers, taking the stairs whenever possible and being mindful of exits when responding to an emergency situation.


The NYPD confirmed the changes, originally reported by media but prior to the directive, there was no protocol for officers responding to a fire. One suggestion was that they await the FDNY, control the scene area, traffic and not operate in fire conditions. 


Additional training from the FDNY is also being "considered" - a "Fire 101" course that offers insight into fires, which hasn't been done in decades.


As you know, Police Officer Dennis Guerra, 38, and Police Officer Rosa Rodriguez, 36, were at 2007 Surf Ave. in Coney Island on Sunday and got in an elevator to the 13th floor, where they were overcome by the smoke. They were both unconscious when FDNY members rescued them.


Officer Guerra died days after the incident, and Officer Rodriguez remains hospitalized in critical condition.


In yet another incident on Thursday, an NYPD sergeant and an officer were hospitalized with smoke inhalation at a fire in a Williamsburg apartment building.


The day after the Coney Island fire, the FDNY brought three of the NYPD's top cops to the hallway where the two officers were overcome with smoke. 


The visit prompted the department to implement major changes, and they are "considering" bringing FDNY personnel to NYPD to provide fundamental information about fires.


“It's a basic ‘Fire 101' course that is

thought to inform the [NYPD] about what they should be prepared for ....or avoid,” a source explained.


Police Commissioner William Bratton said the two cops did not break any department protocol by responding to the emergency situation, because there was none.

NYPD does not have, and has not had any policies specific to this issue of going into buildings that are on fire.  Perhaps re-evaluating a role that doesn't include placing the cops in any fire related environment might be considered...just say'n.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 4-11-14-1417 hours





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