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Green Bay Metro Fire Department Lt. Michael Miller was found dead at a station house early Saturday morning. A press released indicated that Miller passed away in his sleep at approximately 4 a.m. while working his shift. Green Bay Fire Department spokesman Lt. Nick Craig said Miller, 45, was an 18-year veteran of the department. A Facebook post on the Green Bay Metro Fire Fighters page indicated firefighters discovered an unresponsive Miller early Saturday while he was at Station 3, 885 Shawano Ave.

"Lt. Miller was always one to put others in front of himself, both as a firefighter and a Paramedic and used his witty humor to put a smile on any face," the post reads. "Please keep Lieutenant Miller's family in your thoughts and prayers."  Tributes to Mitchell, known as "Peanut," poured in from friends and fellow firefighters around the state to the Green Bay Metro Fire Fighters page Saturday. Many remembered his smile and quick wit while others offered thoughts and prayers to a fallen brother. 

Our condolences to the members of the Green Bay FD, and Lt. Millers Family.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.
The Secret List 6-18-2015-1730 Hours





Fire Dept "Vulnerability" Webinar-Tonight (The Secret List)

Thursday, June 18, 2015  Hey,There is an excellent Webinar tonight about the Fire Service Vulnerability Assessment Program. This FREE program (yeah-the webinar is FREE and the entire VAP program for your FIRE DEPARTMENT is free) 

Fire Service Vulnerability Assessment Program
Thursday, June 18, 7 PM ET (1 hour)
This webinar will review the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s (NFFF)  phenomenal Fire Service Vulnerability Assessment Program (VAP). 


VAP is a NO COST tool developed by firefighters for firefighters that allows a fire commissioner, a chief or organization leadership to determine where their department really is. Take time NOW to understand how this FREE online tool can help cut out the BS and prove the needs of your department.

CLICK HERE for an overview of VAP:

CLICK HERE to sign in and start the process:

VAP helps leaders, members and elected officials cut through the emotion and get to the facts on WHY a fire department must be properly funded, staffed, trained and lead.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.
The Secret List 6-18-2015-1730 Hours





A Correction (The Secret List)

Thursday, June 18, 2015  All,
My apologies, there was a misprint in The Secret List you received a few minutes ago, the correct link re: Gordon Graham and his Lexipol Fire Program (digital policies and related training for fire departments, fire districts and fire companies), is shown below.

The CORRECT link is:

Sorry for any confusion.
Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.
The Secret List 6/18/2015-1400 Hours





NY State Chiefs Conf?, Apparatus Driver, NFFF/FDNY, Charleston (The Secret List)

Thursday, June 18, 2015  Special Note: Our hearts go out to the community of Charleston SC as today is the Anniversary of the Super Store Fire killing the fallen "Charleston 9"...but to add to the pain in Charleston is the senseless murders of the citizens who were in church last night. RIP.

NY State Chiefs Conf?, Apparatus Driver, NFFF/FDNY (The Secret List)

Chiefs and Commissioners...for those of you attending the NY State Association of Fire Chiefs conference this week, take a minute to stop by booth 2134. Trust me on this.
As you may know, the co-founder of Firefighter Close Calls with me is Gordon Graham. Gordon is a former commander of the California Highway Patrol and a highly respected risk management expert and attorney. In 2003 Gordon formed a company called Lexipol, which helps fire departments reduce the time, effort and money spent creating, maintaining and training against policy and procedure content.If your Department policies are out of date or non-existent or training your members on policy is essentially non-existent, please take a look at what Gordon has developed. 

Lexipol is a trusted and proven source for fire service policy content, with policies that conform to national best practices and federal/state law, reinforced by scenario-based training. The system allows you to customize the policy manual and integrate your fire department’s procedural content, creating one comprehensive resource. As a Fire Commissioner or Chief, you will enhance your members’ safety and professionalism, achieve greater policy consistency across the organization and reduce costs associated with litigation.

Take 5 minutes while at the conference at Turning Stone and visit Lexipol at Booth 2134 to see how simple it is, to discuss how it can help your department and to receive sample policies. Can't make the conference? check

An Australian Firefighter who did a U-turn in a tanker on a motorway triggering a fatal crash has been committed to stand trial for dangerous driving causing death.

Rural Fire Service Firefighter Ian Jeffrey Wells was driving on the highway, north of Sydney, on October 18, 2012 when he performed a U-turn and collided with a Toyota Corolla which was then struck by a Mazda. 

A woman who was a passenger in the Corolla being driven by her husband was killed when the Mazda slammed into her side of the vehicle. The firefighters said they saw the Corolla ' flash his high beam at them as they slowed to make the U-turn and presumed it indicated that he was letting them in front.

Following a committal hearing, however, Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge ruled that Wells should have stopped and given way.“If the lights flashed they were misinterpreted by the accused. It was not reasonable to assume he was being given the right of way,” Ms Milledge said. “The fault is with the accused who failed to wait for the Corolla to pass before completing a U-turn.”The committal hearing had heard that the citizen swerved to avoid the tanker but crashed into the back of the heavy vehicle spinning the small car so it was at right angles to the lanes.

The driver of the Mazda gave evidence that she had been distracted by the fire truck which had by then pulled over to the breakdown lane with its blue and red lights flashing. At the time of the crash Wells, from Kariong, had just left a multi-car pile up and was on-route to pick up other RFS members at a station. Although it was not an emergency, he had the tanker's lights flashing. Ms Milledge said the flashing lights did not mean he was driving to an emergency and therefore did not exclude him from following the road rules of coming to a complete stop and giving way.Wells' case will be listed for trial on July 3.

National Fire Prevention Week this October will culminate with the National Stair Climb, an event honoring firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Participants will receive a name badge honoring or in memory of the firefighter for whom they have chosen to climb and an event t-shirt. Early registration costs $35 until August 31. For more information and to register, visit CHECK IT OUT!

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.
The Secret List 6/18/2015-1152 Hours





The Prison Escape-Firefighters & Mutual Aid (The Secret List)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015   Hey,Unless you have been in hiding or working on the Donald Trump Campaign, you are well aware of the Clinton Correctional Facility (New York) "great" escape that took place last week, June 6, when two inmates were discovered missing during a bed check at 0530 hours at the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility. The inmates both had been convicted of murder. Neither have been found yet and the story will make quite a movie. Hopefully, Hollywood will include the IMPACT this escape has had on one area fire department.  

If you grew up in a relatively small town, you would definitely remember that the firehouse was the towns focal point, From being the social place to the place where that giant whistle, siren or horn would blow for a fire call-EVERYONE knew where the firehouse was. It was where parades started, boy and girls scouts had meetings, where people would go to vote-and just a really cool place. In our home town, on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and others-the Alerts, Vigilants and Manhasset-Lakeville FD's were the center-and often the leaders-of activities.

So what does this have to do with murders escaping from a maximum security prison. Turns out, it has a lot to do with it. Last weekend. the Cadyville Fire Department located in Clinton County was getting ready to hold their annual and very major fund raising event. However, because of the escape-and all the activity, it was cancelled. Not postponed,. Cancelled.  

Last weekend,  police dogs had picked up a scent, and potential signs emerged that the two inmates had been sleeping in a heavily wooded area approximately five miles in size. Police swarmed Cadyville, roughly 5 miles southeast of the Clinton Correctional Facility and set up a perimeter overnight that blocked off Cadyville, pretty much from, the rest of the world. 

Because of the manhunt, the logistics and the fact that two convicted murderers were on the lose, the Cadyville FD and their Firefighters had no choice but to cancel their event.

This popular field day, parade (read: fundraiser) was Cadyville's 50th - a milestone event that they had been planning for the last year. This is their single largest fund raiser for the year and they typically make $8,000 each year. For the last week the Cadyville Firefighters have provided  24/7 logistical support for the manhunt and operated with a law enforcement roadblock in front of the their firehouse. If this wasn't enough,  several of their members and their families including 3 Chief Officers work for, Corrections, and Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement ...and have worked 100+ plus hours in the last week searching for the murderers.

Once again, the members of the Cadyville Fire Department focused on what's best to protect their community-not themselves. However-it takes funding to run a fire department-as we all know. 

The food is gone, The rides are cancelled and their "world famous" clam chowder won't be available. More importantly, their funding was cut. Not by some clueless politician, but because of a genuine public safety emergency involving two escaped murderers, one, a cop killer.

So this request is simple, obvious but very real. PLEASE consider sending what you can to help. $5.00, $10.00 or whatever you can send. Whatever you can afford will obviously make a huge difference in helping the Cadyville Firefighters maintain their equipment and service. 

Please send whatever you can to help:

Mutual Aid: Cadyville Fire Department 
PO Box 97
Cadyville NY 12918

(Make the check out to Cadyville FD)

Thanks to JeffS for passing this along. Hopefully we can help the CFD in these truly unusual circumstances creating dire straits in so many lives. 
Take Care. Be Careful. Pass it On.
The Secret List 6/17/2015-1515 hours




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