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Jury reaches guilty verdict in ambulance shooting trial - Indiana


Saturday, February 9, 2013 ALLEN CO., Ind. (WANE) - It took an Allen County jury less than an hour to reach a guilty verdict in the trial of a man accused of shooting up an ambulance and another vehicle back in September of 2012.

Dontay Martin, 23, was found guilty on all nine counts.  As the verdict was being read, friends and members of his family became emotional.

The jury began deliberations just after 3 p.m. on Wednesday after the defense had wrapped up its case earlier in the day.

Martin was charged with firing several shots into an ambulance that was transporting a stabbing victim from a fight that had broken out at a Fort Wayne nightclub. Shots were also fired into a car with family members of the stabbing victim that was following the ambulance to a hospital.

Martin has sat attentively and for the most part expressionless during the trial while taking notes on occasion.

Among the three witnesses the state called to testify on Wednesday morning was a DNA specialist with the Indiana State Police. She told the court that the DNA from blood found on a gun matched Martin's DNA. According to the Fort Wayne Police Department, the Glock 17 on which blood was found was the weapon used in the shooting. In the probable cause affidavit, it stated that Martin had a cut on his hand.

Martin is accused of having the Glock 17 the night of the shooting.  During Tuesday's court proceedings, the driver of the car Martin is accused of being in, testified that the Glock 17 belonged to him and he had given it to Martin.

The case against Martin

Dontay Martin, 23, faces four counts of attempted murder, handgun, gang and other felony criminal charges for the role he was accused of playing in the September 9, 2012 incident.

According to probable cause documents filed against Martin, he was an armed passenger in the car police said followed the ambulance, shooting the vehicle as it transported the stabbing victim to the hospital.  The ambulance was shot 16-20 times and a medic suffered minor injuries .

Shots were also fired at another vehicle that had been occupied by the stabbing victim's family and friends.  The three people traveling in that car were injured when the vehicle was shot between 16 and 20 times.

The driver of the white Ford Crown Victoria carrying Martin and two other passengers told police he believed Martin fired shots at both vehicles from the rear passenger seat with a gun Martin found in the car.

Additional shots were fired by Traneilous "Neil" Jackson, 24, who sat in the front passenger seat.  Jackson pleaded guilty on January 28 to seven of nine counts including four attempted murder charges.

Court documents indicate police determined that Martin and at least three of the individuals in the Crown Victoria were members of the "MOB" street gang.  Police learned from interviews during the investigation that the original stabbing at Piere's was in retaliation for previous violence against Traneilous Jackon's brother.


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