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Poss.LODD-PA FF Resp'ng Crash, Long Island Fire Apparatus (The Secret List)


Saturday, February 9, 2013 All,

This has not been ruled as a Line of Duty Death as of yet-but we do want to share this story with you. On July 30, 2010, Fire Lieutenant Patrick Nader, 23, of the West Newton FD was responding to a call from his family's home on Mt. Pleasant Road, just outside the borough, when he crashed into a telephone pole to avoid a construction zone near Bible Alliance Church in Turkeytown. The young firefighter, who had dislocated two verte brae and was left a quadriplegic, underwent a number of surgeries. “He accepted his injury very well, more than I believe I could have at that age,” his mother said. Lt. Nader, spent five months in the hospital and four weeks in a rehabilitation center recovering from that spinal cord injury he sustained on July 30, 2010.


Sadly, Lt. Patrick Nader died unexpectedly last Thursday morning at age 25. “I wasn't ready for it to happen,” Jackie Nader said, adding that her son seemed to be good health. “It was no different a day than any other.” The family believes his death may be the result of complications from his responding crash injuries. They won't know for sure until autopsy results are returned in eight to 12 weeks, his mother said. His death was almost two years to the day that he returned home from rehabilitation, she said. He missed his privacy and being able to spend time alone with his friends, said his father, Joe Nader. “We had to be his parents, his caregivers and his friends,” he said. But when asked about the difficulty of the constant care, Joe Nader didn't hesitate: “We did not mind that; we could've done that forever.”


The side effects from such a traumatic injury can be ongoing, including pressure sores, respiratory problems or blood clots, even when the person is in a stable condition, said an assistant professor in the health science department at California University of Pennsylvania. “Only a family who's taking care of someone really understands the impact,” she said. “I can't even imagine what the family is going through.” A lawsuit filed on Patrick Nader's behalf in November 2010 claims the state Department of Transportation was negligent in safely operating a work zone and did not follow proper flagging procedures, according to court documents. The Naders declined comment on the lawsuit. PennDOT has denied the allegations. A trial date has not been set.



Occasionally we'll pass on information about a cool book-and this would be one of those times. This new book "Long Island Fire Apparatus-The Classics" features some really unique fire apparatus from the Long Island, NY area - now available from Chief Bob Vaccaro.  You have probably read Bob’s column’s and have seen his photos in Fire Rescue Magazine, Fire Apparatus Journal, Firefighter Nation, JEMS, Wildland Firefighter, and Public Safety Communications. This is the second in his series about Long Island Fire Apparatus. This new book highlights some of the really unusual fire apparatus that was delivered to fire departments in Nassau and Suffolk Counties from the 1920’s thru the 1980’s. The book has 76 pages with 141 color and black and white photos.

Also available is Bob's first book. “Long Island Fire Apparatus, The Modern Era. That book is 188 pages and over 200 color photos of fire apparatus that has been delivered over the past five years to Long Island Fire Departments.

HERE is the link to check out his latest book: 

Take Care-Be Careful.


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