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Ambulance Crashes, First Responders Unhurt - Texas

Thursday, May 28, 2015  JASPER COUNTY - By Steve W Stewart/KJAS & Rayburn Broadcasting Company

  A pair of paramedics were uninjured after their ambulance crashed and rolled over just west of Jasper late Sunday evening. The accident occurred shortly after 11:00 on Highway 63 West near the Curtis Community, and fortunately there was no patient onboard.

According to Trooper Jordan Eastridge of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the driver was David Warren Ogle, and the passenger was Wade Alexander, and the two work for Care Plus EMS.

Eastridge said Ogle told him that they were eastbound in their 2009 Ford E-350 ambulance when Ogle fell asleep at the wheel. The ambulance first went off the south side of the highway, then crossed both lanes and went off the north side of the highway and rolled over.

Eastridge said Ogle was nearing the end of a 48 hour shift, and it’s believed fatigue was the primary factor.

Ogle and Alexander were checked out at the scene by their colleagues from Acadian EMS, but neither one needed medical care.

Amazingly, the ambulance had no damage from the crash, but it did receive a small amount of damage when being pulled upright by a wrecker crew. 



Injuries reported after ambulance, vehicle collide in Kansas City

Thursday, May 28, 2015  KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -Multiple injuries were reported after an ambulance and a vehicle collided.

Several ambulances were ordered to Truman Road and Van Brunt Boulevard. This occurred about 5 p.m. Monday.

Two firefighters and two paramedics were injured and taken to the hospital but none of their injuries were serious.They suffered neck and back pain. 

The ambulance was traveling westbound on Truman with lights and sirens when it was hit by a silver vehicle that failed to yield to the emergency vehicle, according to officials at the scene.

The emergency crews were transporting a motorcycle driver who had suffered a leg injury in a crash. The motorcyclist did not suffer any additional injuries in his second crash of the day. 

The two adults and two children inside the car were shook up and checked out at the scene. They weren't transported to the hospital via ambulance. 

Kansas City Fire Chief Paul Berardi responded to the scene. The air bags in the ambulance deployed when it crashed.



Ambulance hit by gunfire on Milwaukee's northwest side

Thursday, May 28, 2015  By Max Seigle

MILWAUKEE —Local rescue workers were told to be on alert Sunday night after an ambulance was hit by gunfire late Saturday.

Milwaukee police said the shooting occurred on the city’s northwest side. Police said two EMTs were in the ambulance heading to a call when a single bullet struck the vehicle.

Authorities said they are still looking for the shooter.

"It’s saddening and frankly repulsive to me that an individual would try and harm the very people that are trying to help people,” said Scott Mickelsen, deputy director of Bell Ambulance.

Mickelsen said even though his company wasn’t part of the shooting, he wants paramedics to be on alert.

“We’re going to be sending a memo to all the crews, letting them know about the situation and just want to keep them advised.”

He said he plans also to have supervisors talk to workers.

“To reinforce to be aware of their surroundings and report anything that looks suspicious or threatening, I guess you could say,” Mickelsen said.

Ambulance crews often help Milwaukee police on calls and sometimes arrive before officers. Mickelsen said he hopes their higher vigilance keeps crews safe.

“We don’t like to hear that one of our fellow ambulances got shot at,” he said. “It’s disconcerting.” 




Friday, May 22, 2015  By Jim Hoffer

Sources tell Eyewitness News that a camera mounted inside an ambulance captured a 19 year-old driver falling asleep behind the wheel just before swerving off the roadway and striking a utility pole.

This is the second time in two years that someone was critically injured or killed by a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel of a Senior Care ambulance.

Our previous investigation revealed a pattern of accidents, the latest one raising questions about exhausted drivers and lack of state oversight.

Young, overworked and driving an ambulance. That's what The Investigators found when we looked into a deadly accident involving a Bronx-based ambulance company earlier this year. Now, another accident involving the same company and calls for the state to step in.

Sources tell us that a camera mounted inside the Senior Care Ambulance captured the 19 year-old driver falling asleep behind the wheel just before swerving off the roadway and striking a utility pole.

Janet Hickey, who had survived brain surgery, was being transported to rehab that March afternoon. She flew out the back of the ambulance and suffered fatal head injuries.

"They killed somebody," her husband John Kuchta said.

Her husband's grief is matched only by his anger at the ambulance company, Senior Care.

"They are dealing with human lives they should be in the best conditions, they should be alert, you are on the road," Kuchta said.

We've learned that the teenage driver may have fallen asleep in the middle of the afternoon because sources say he was working a double shift at Senior Care. This is not the first time that fatigue may have been a key factor in a serious accident involving a Senior Care ambulance.

As we reported in March, Senior Care recently paid out nearly $3-million dollars to a woman seriously injured when struck by one of their ambulances when the driver fell asleep behind the wheel.

"Apparently, a lawsuit didn't teach them or correct the problem the first time. It's the way it appears. So the state should step in," attorney Robert Weis said.

We made several attempts to get a response from the head of the Bronx-based ambulance company.
We wanted to talk to him about worker fatigue and the hours that they're working.

After our initial report, we received numerous e-mails from EMT's about long hours and low-pay. One wrote, "We are poorly paid and so it's not uncommon for us to work 6 or 7 twelve hour shifts a week." Another wrote that he's paid "around $10-$11 dollars an hour" At one point, he says he held five jobs "just to make one decent paycheck."

"Our review of Department of Health regulations shows there is nothing stopping a driver from working a double shift. That was very unsettling," Weis said.

Besides no restrictions on work hours, ambulance drivers need only a New York driver's license to get behind the wheel.

"Would you get into an ambulance if you knew an 18 year old kid was driving? I wouldn't and I don't think anyone in this country would," Jay Doyle, Hickey's brother, said.
There's an on-going investigation by Westchester County Police and the District Attorney. Part of that investigation focused on is whether the EMT's failed to properly lock-in the patient or whether there was a mechanical failure that would have prevented the stretcher from flying out of the ambulance.

Remember, if you have an issue you need investigated, please give our tipline a call at 877-TIP-NEWS. You may also e-mail us at or fill out the form to the right.



Six injured in Pontiac crash involving ambulance - Michigan

Friday, May 22, 2015 

PONTIAC, MI -- Six people were injured in a weekend crash involving an ambulance that was transporting a "priority-one patient" to a hospital.Witnesses told Oakland County Sheriff's deputies that a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix caused the crash as it weaved its way through an intersection around 3 p.m. Saturday.

The ambulance was eastbound on Huron Street with lights and siren activated as it approached an intersection at Franklin Boulevard when the white Grand Prix drove around stopped traffic and struck the EMS vehicle, witnesses told police.

The crash caused the ambulance to spin around three times, and six people were taken to a hospital in other EMS vehicles after the crash, including the 46-year-old White Lake woman who was driving the Grand Prix.

She consented to a blood draw at the hospital, disclosing that she was on several prescribed medications, according to the Oakland County Sheriff's office.

A 35-year-old White Lake man who was initially being transported in the first ambulance, a 35-year-old pregnant passenger, a 40-year-old firefighter, a 45-year-old paramedic who was driving the first EMS vehicle and a second, 48-year-old paramedic were also taken to an area hospital.



Bullet pierces ambulance while patient being treated - Chicago

Friday, May 22, 2015  By Rsemary Regina Sobol

Someone fired a gun into an ambulance while paramedics were in the vehicle treating a patient in the Englewood neighborhood but no one was hit, according to police and fire officials.  Paramedics were sent to the 5600 block of South Bishop Street around 5:35 p.m. Sunday for a traffic crash.  But when they got there, they found an ambulance with its driver's side front window shattered, said Will Knight, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department.  “A large caliber slug was noted on the floor inside the cab,’’ Knight said in an email.  The shooting happened as two paramedics in the ambulance were treating a person suffering from shortness of breath, Knight said.

No one was reported in custody.



Police search for driver who may have played role in ambulance crash- Kentucky

Friday, May 22, 2015  SOUTHGATE, Ky. -- Police are investigating if a crash involving an ambulance that rolled over three times on I-471 Saturday could have been caused by somebody running it off the road.

The Alexandria Fire Department ambulance was driving with its lights and sirens on, according to an accident report. The driver then had to get out of the way of a gray crane truck pulling onto the highway, and the wet road caused him to lose control.

The driver, and the rest of the fire department, had just gone through driving training the week before, officials said.

Two paramedics and a patient were injured in the crash, and an EMT who happened to be driving by rushed to help.

Police are still looking for the driver of the truck.

The department will be down an ambulance for a while, but officials said there won’t be a decline in service thanks to mutual aid.



New EMT comes to the rescue after ambulance rolls over with patient, paramedics inside - Kentuc

Wednesday, May 20, 2015  By Rose Ann Aragon

FORT THOMAS, Ky. – Josh Nicholson said he just let his training kick in.

He was having a daddy-daughter day Saturday when he happened upon an ambulance that rolled over three times with a patient and two paramedics inside.

Nicholson, a recently certified EMT, sprung into action.  

"It was bad," he said, describing what he saw.

"The door's open. I see the driver back there trying to sort through some things. I see the medic laying and I see some blood.

"I immediately put some gloves on just to protect myself from the blood, and I just went through what I learned through school and just started assessing through life-threatening injuries and treated them as such," Nicholson said.

This was one of his first times he performed life-saving treatments  after graduating in January.

"I immediately started cleaning up the sharps that were open and laying about to try and make it a bit more safe, and then from there we kind of stabilized his neck, put a C-collar on him and then we got the board ready and when we were available to we put him on the board and pulled him out," he said.

Nicholson said he doesn't not consider himself a hero - he was just trying to do the right thing.

Southgate police say they are still trying to figure out what caused the ambulance to roll over while transporting a patient from a medical call in Alexandria on the way to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Fort Thomas.

The three people in the Alexandria Fire Dept. ambulance – the patient and two paramedics – were hurt, but their injuries were not life-threatening.  Two were transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center and one was taken to St. Elizabeth.

No other vehicles were involved, police said.

Southgate police are investigating the accident. Witnesses are asked to call Southgate police through Campbell County Dispatch at (859) 292-3622, or call (859) 441-7473 during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  



Three injured when ambulance rolls over on I-471 while transporting patient - Kentucky

Sunday, May 17, 2015  SOUTHGATE, Ky. – An ambulance transporting a patient rolled over on I-471 North just past the I-275 split Saturday afternoon, Southgate police said.

Three people in the Alexandria Fire Dept. ambulance – the patient and two paramedics – were hurt, but their injuries were not life-threatening.  Two were transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center and one was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Fort Thomas.

No other vehicles were involved.

The ambulance was transporting a patient from a medical call in Alexandria to St. E. 



1 killed, 4 hurt in bus, ambulette crash by Palisades Center - New York

Saturday, May 16, 2015  Steve Lieberman,

WEST NYACK – One man was killed when a para-transit bus operated by Brega Transport collided with an ambulette Thursday afternoon on Route 303 in West Nyack near the Palisades Center.

The crash killed a 48-year-old ambulette passenger, seriously injured four others - including both drivers - and caused significant damage to both vehicles.

Clarkstown police said the V.I.P. ambulette associated with the Friendship Adult Day Center was coming out of the Palisades mall and attempting to turn left when it collided in the intersection with the bus, which had been southbound on Route 303.

The impact pushed both vehicles down the road. Both vehicles ended up on the southbound side of the road, about 100 feet from the intersection.

West Nyack Fire Chief Brian Ulrich said the victims were all taken to Nyack Hospital. He said emergency responders had to cut both drivers from the vehicles, and that freeing the ambulette driver proved especially difficult because the vehicle was so mangled.

The man killed was the only passenger in the ambulette; the bus had two passengers on board.

Ulrich said the accident also caused a fuel spill.

The road was closed until about 10 p.m. for an accident investigation.

Clarkstown Police Sgt. Glenn Cummings said the call came in around 2:30 p.m.

He said police had so far been unable to determine the exact circumstances of the crash or who might be at fault. The Clarkstown accident reconstruction team was at work at the scene.

Cummings said the injuries to bus passengers and bus driver did not appear to be life-threatening but "they were banged up pretty well." He did not speak directly to the injuries to the ambulette driver.

At the scene, the driver's side of the ambulette could be seen caved in and its front windshield destroyed. The front of the bus also sustained significant damage and its windshield was cracked.

V.I.P. Ambulette Inc. owner Jean Dedrard was unaware the passenger had died.

"Oh my gosh," he said, adding of the victim, "He's my friend. I was with him yesterday. He's a very nice guy."

A spokesman for Brega referred all questions to the Clarkstown police.

About 30 first responders from West Nyack, Central Nyack and Valley Cottage fire departments came to the scene as part of the emergency response.




Caught on video: Ambulance driver avoids head-on crash - Pennsylvania

Saturday, May 16, 2015  By LIZ EVANS SCOLFORO

The driver of an ambulance involved in an early-morning crash Friday in York Township reacted quickly when she saw an oncoming car coming toward her, likely avoiding a more serious collision, according to one of her supervisors.

The White Rose Ambulance rig was heading south on South Queen Street and was cresting the hill just south of Honey Valley Road about 12:25 a.m. when the driver saw a northbound car coming directly at the ambulance in the southbound lane, York Area Regional Police said.

The rig driver, whose name has not been released, moved to the left, thereby avoiding what could have been a head-on crash, according to Ted Hake, vice president of finance and compliance for White Rose Ambulance.

Instead, the Honda Civic struck the front passenger side of the ambulance, he said.

"She really exercised a lot of skill," Hake said. "We believe it would have been much worse had she not taken evasive action."

The driver, who also is a certified emergency medical technician, kept the ambulance from rolling and also maneuvered around a telephone pole, he said.

She and a second EMT in the rig, also a woman whose name has not been released, called 911 immediately after the crash and rushed to check on the patient they had been transporting non-emergency from York Hospital to ManorCare Health Services in Dallastown, according to Hake.

Man conscious: The EMTs also checked on the man driving the Honda.

"They were able to ascertain the he was conscious," Hake said.

And that's really all the White Rose EMTs had time to do before help arrived in the form of two York Regional EMS paramedic ambulances, a Jacobus paramedic ambulance, York Area Regional Police and fire/rescue crews from York Township and Dallastown, he said.

"When our colleagues from local EMS agencies arrived, they had to pry (our two injured EMTs) away from our patient," Hake said. "They were very concerned about the patient and, in fact, the patient was very concerned about them."

He praised the two White Rose workers.

"They acted professionally and with great dedication," Hake said.

Injuries: Both White Rose EMTs, their adult female patient and the 36-year-old man who was driving the Honda suffered injuries and were transported to York Hospital, according to police.

Fire/rescue personnel had to use hydraulic rescue tools to open the doors of the ambulance so the patient could be removed, Hake said.

The ambulance driver was admitted for observation; the EMT riding in the back of the rig was treated and released; and their patient, who suffered minor injuries, also was treated and released, Hake said.

York Area Regional Police Sgt. Peter Montgomery said it's not believed the Honda driver was seriously injured.

Police said it appears alcohol might be a factor in the crash, and Montgomery said a full accident reconstruction is being done, which is expected to take several weeks.

Blood test: Also, investigators must wait for the results of the Honda driver's blood-alcohol test, he said. Charges likely would not be filed until after police conclude their investigation, the sergeant said. He declined to release the name of the Honda driver.

The White Rose ambulance appears to be totaled, according to Hake, but the company has a fleet of 35 vehicles, so service won't be affected.

The crash was caught on video by the ambulance's "drive cam," Hake said.

"We've had them for more than a decade," he said. "Time and time again they've proved invaluable in painting an unbiased picture of what happened. ... It's a reliable, unbiased witness."

Anyone who witnessed the crash is asked to call police at (717) 741-1259.

— Reach Liz Evans Scolforo at 




Saturday, May 16, 2015  FRAZIER PARK, Calif. (KABC) -- 
Surveillance video has been released showing the moments of the deadly crash involving a stolen ambulance and a semi-truck in Frazier Park.

The driver of the semi-truck and a woman who stole the ambulance were killed instantly. The crash happened Wednesday after the woman, who reportedly was armed with a knife, took the ambulance from a crew who had responded to her call for help.

Witnesses in the area said the ambulance was traveling as fast as 100 miles per hour. The woman crashed the ambulance into the semi-truck in front of Flying J Travel Plaza off Frazier Mountain Park Road.

Investigators believe the woman may have intentionally drove the ambulance into the semi-truck. The names of the driver and woman have not been released. 



Two dead after woman steals ambulance, crashes into semi-truck south of Bakersfield - California

Saturday, May 16, 2015  By Tim CalahanOscar ContrerasGrecia AguilarTarik DugasLesley Marin

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. - Two people are dead following a crash east of Frazier Park Wednesday night, according to a spokesperson with the Kern County Fire Department. 

According to investigators, paramedics with Hall Ambulance were responding to a call about someone suffering from a seizure. While on the call the paramedics were approached by woman who hijacked the ambulance at knife point.

"When clearing the scene the individual with the knife approached the Paramedic and EMT. They did the right thing and cleared themselves of harms way, at which point the individual climbed into the driver seat of the ambulance and left the scene," said Mark Corum, spokesperson for Hall Ambulance. 

KCSO officials said the ambulance was unlocked and running.

According to CHP Officer Zachary Emmons, the woman drove the ambulance nearly 3 to 5 miles down to the Flying J truck stop right off the Interstate 5 just before 6 p.m. Wednesday night. 

Witnesses said the ambulance was driving erratically at nearly 100 mph before it plowed into the semi-truck. 

"We saw it coming down the road and the truck was in the middle getting ready to turn. That ambulance hit that truck driver head on. There were no brakes, there was no swerving, nothing," said Charlotte Deese, who witnessed the accident. 

It has been confirmed by a spokesperson with the Kern County Sheriff's Office that the two people who have been reported dead were the truck driver and the woman who reportedly stole the Hall ambulance. 

The California Highway Patrol and the Kern County Sheriff's Office will continue working together to find out what led to this horrific crash.  



Ambulance carrying patient struck head-on by wrong-way driver, police say - Pennsylvania

Saturday, May 16, 2015  By Megan Trimble

An ambulance was struck head-on by a wrong-way driver along a York County roadway early Friday. 

Four people suffered injuries when a White Rose Ambulance and a Honda collided around 12:25 a.m. along South Queen Street in York Township and were taken to York Hospital for evaluation and treatment, according to a news release from York Area Regional police. 

The ambulance collided with the vehicle as it was cresting a hill south of Honey Valley Road. The Honda was traveling north in the southbound lane, and the crash occurred in the southbound lane just south of Cricket Lane. 

The ambulance had a patient on board at the time of the incident, but it had not been transporting the person in an emergency situation at the time of the crash. The conditions of the four people were not available as of 9 a.m. Friday, police said. 

Police said alcohol may be a factor in the crash and are investigating the incident.

White Rose Ambulance released the above images and tweeted its thanks for the support it received following the crash.  



No injuries in Rocky Hill ambulance crash - Connecticut

Saturday, May 16, 2015  BY 

ROCKY HILL – An ambulance crashed into the median on I-91 Friday morning.

The crash happened near exit 24 on the northbound side of the highway when the ambulance and another vehicle apparently collided.

David Skoczulek of Aetna Ambulance said,  “The ambulance was pushed about 40 feet into the woods and incurred significant damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle. However, neither the occupants of the other vehicles nor our EMS providers were injured. ”

The left hand lane was partially blocked. 



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