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The June 22 fire on Walnut Street that injured four people, including three firefighters, has prompted the Manchester firefighters’ union to call for increased staffing. (JEFFREY HASTINGS)

The June 22 fire on Walnut Street that
      injured four people, including three
      firefighters, has prompted the
      Manchester firefighters’ union to call
      for increased staffing. (JEFFREY

Monday, July 6, 2015   The heroic rescue of a 47-year-old woman from the second floor of a burning home on June 22 highlighted the professionalism of the Manchester Fire Department, but also left three firefighters injured, prompting their union to express a growing concern about staffing levels.Jeff Duval, president of the local firefighters’ union, sent Mayor Ted Gatsas and the Board of Aldermen a letter on Tuesday, which he released to the media on Thursday afternoon.

“The leadership and members of the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association are growing more concerned about the chance for more injuries to occur because the department is understaffed,” he wrote.

Duval points out that over the past 10 years, the department has lost more than 30 firefighting positions, and now has three stations — Webster Street, Amory Street and Mammoth Road — that share staffing.

“This means that only one piece of apparatus can respond at a time, leaving either... [ more ]





Monday, July 6, 2015  More than half a dozen Dallas firefighters escaped injury when they responded to a dumpster fire started by illegal fireworks at the Creekside Villas, located at 340 N. Jim Miller Road.
“They got out of control last night” said resident Kenneth Mitchell, “I saw flames and smoke and stuff like that”.
Half-Ton of Fireworks Confiscated In Dallas
The fire broke out shortly after midnight Sunday morning when residents said a large group of people in the parking lot shooting off fireworks started taking aim at the dumpster.
“Trash can? That’s unnecessary” says Mitchell.

When eight Dallas firefighters arrived in two units to put out the flames, people started shooting fireworks at them.
“Artillery shells flying through the trash can, shooting at the firefighters”, said resident Larkres Jones, “firefighters trying to get water to put it out”.

The group ran off before police arrived.
None of the firefighters were hurt, and the... [ more ]




Monday, July 6, 2015  CAL FIRE has identified 25-year-old Damien Pereira as one of three firefighters injured while fighting a small mountain fire Friday. Crews say the father of one is in pain but has family by his side, saying the drought could've contributed to the danger.




Saturday, July 4, 2015  2 EMS workers taken to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition after an ambulance accident in Downtown Brooklyn on Friday.The ambulance collided with an SUV just before 5:30 p.m at the intersection of Tillary and Adams Street as it was heading south off of the Brooklyn Bridge. The ambulance was responding to a motor vehicle accident at the time.

The EMTs were taken to Bellevue with serious, non-life threatening injuries. Two other people were taken to Long Island College Hospital with minor injuries.

The investigation is ongoing.

It is not clear whether the ambulance had sirens on at the time of the crash.




Saturday, July 4, 2015   A Holley-Navarre firefighter was injured Friday morning when he was stabbed by a fish.The firefighter was in Santa Rosa Sound about 10:30 a.m. practicing water rescues with other firefighters and lifeguards, according to Howie Rounsaville, battalion chief for the Holley-Navarre Fire Department.

They believe a personal watercraft used for the training startled a ballyhoo fish, which began to jump across the water and struck the firefighter in the back of the head.

The spiny snout of the fish stuck about 1½ inches deep in the crease where the head meets the neck, Rounsaville said.

The firefighter was taken to Gulf Breeze Baptist Hospital, where the snout was extracted from his neck.

He was expected to be back at work in a couple days, Rounsaville said.



Pilot Killed When Medical Helicopter Crashes in Colorado

Saturday, July 4, 2015   The pilot was killed and two other people were injured Friday when a medical helicopter exploded and burst into flames during takeoff near Frisco, about 70 miles west of Denver, according to fire officials. The two injured crew members, a paramedic and a hospital employee, were taken to Denver hospitals are are expected to survive their injuries, officials say.

The Flight for Life chopper was taking off from St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco when it began to spiral out of control and crash into the ground, witness Curt Weitkunat said.

Hospital officials say no patient was aboard the helicopter at the time of the explosion.

Weitkunat was at Adventure Park next to the hospital when the crash happened. He said the chopper was trying to gain altitude in windy conditions.

Lake Dillon fire crews arrived on scene and found the chopper fully engulfed in flames. A truck parked next to the crash scene was also on fire. No on... [ more ]



Firefighter Suffers Major Injuries, 2 Inmates Injured At Brush Fire

Saturday, July 4, 2015   A helicopter crew was on a medical mission Friday night. Their destination, Community Regional Medical Center in Downtown Fresno. Inside that chopper was a firefighter with major injuries.A Cal Fire chief says a tree fell on the three year veteran firefighter with Cal Fire as he battled a wildfire in the Tulare County foothills. The falling tree also injured two inmate firefighters.

There is no word tonight on what caused the tree to crash into those firefighters. The accident happened as they fought the wildfire at Case Mountain near Three Rivers.

Cal fire says the two -and-a-half acre fire is under control and there's no damage to any structures. A lightning strike is believed to have ignited the fire.




Saturday, July 4, 2015  Wednesday's explosion in West Point not only rocked the small community there, it put firefighters in an extremely dangerous situation.Investigators are saying a propane leak is what caused a huge explosion Wednesday afternoon inside a Sapp Bros. Petroleum facility.

"From front to back, side to side, all the way across the board, totally engulfed. So that just tells you how fast and how much heat and how much gas was in there," said Tom Stratman, West Point Fire Chief.

Stratman says the workers inside had less than a minute to get out, security video from nearby D&S Tires shows just how fast it all happened.

"The roof of the building came up six, eight, maybe ten feet in the center of it and then came down," he said.

With leaking propane fueling the blaze, he says, he stressed about what he and his crew should do next.

"I worried about if there was going to be any more explosions, I worried if there was anyone left inside,"... [ more ]




Thursday, July 2, 2015  Two people were killed and five others were taken to a hospital - including a firefighter - after an apartment fire in Old Louisville Thursday morning.Fire Chief Greg Frederick said other people might still be inside the three-story building in the 1100 block of South Second Street. WAVE 3 News' Katherine Kington reported at 10 a.m. that a crew is making its way to the top floor, where one or two more occupants might be. Another crew is ready to rush in in case the partially collapsed roof falls even more.

Frederick also said the injured firefighter had been trapped on the second floor. Fellow firefighters had to rescue him. Kington reported that he had already left the hospital after being evaluated.

Some of the victims jumped out of the building, while others were rescued.

A neighbor said one of the people killed had planned to move out of the building this weekend.

The fire was reported at 7:42 a.m. Its cause is not yet known.
more ]


#BREAKING Several rescued from burning building, including firefighter. 1100 block of South 2nd St.

Posted by Derrick Rose News on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rescue Video

WAVE Video



Thursday, July 2, 2015  The Firefighter that suffered the cardiac arrest at the Tabernacle structure fire last week has returned home tonight. He still has some recovery ahead of him, but we are thrilled to have him back home. We thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers and ask that they continue as he continues on his road to recovery. 




WAVY Video

Thursday, July 2, 2015  They are used to battling fires, but some Portsmouth firefighters are battling something else, bed bugs.Deputy Fire Chief Jim Hoffler told 10 On Your Side command staff learned of the bugs Sunday. “Anything that affects our people is a concern for us,” he said.

Hoffler said a city-contracted exterminator found an adult and a nymph bed bug. One was found on a cloth recliner in fire station community TV room. The other was found on a mattress.

“So far it’s only been those two insects that they found, but we want to know if we have a bigger problem because our folks live here 24 hours at a time,” Deputy Chief Hoffler said. 



Texas Fire Official Refutes Injured Firefighter’s Claims

KWTX Video

Thursday, July 2, 2015  A Central Bell County Fire and Rescue official is refuting claims that a firefighter injured in a rollover accident involving a fire truck in April is destitute and living out of his car.Joseph Owsley, 22, told KWTX for a story on Sunday that he lost his job at a convenience store because of injuries he suffered in the rollover and is now homeless and living out of his car.

The story prompted a negative backlash against the volunteer fire department that an official says is unwarranted.

"They can't believe we're not helping them, and they don't know that because they don't know the full story," said Cassandra Morrow, president of the board of the Central Bell County Fire and Rescue.

Morrow says Owsley received $3,000 from a GoFundMe account set up by the department and a 100-Club of Central Texas donation.

Owsley, however, said Tuesday he's received only half of what the department claims.

Central Bell County Fire and Rescue rec... [ more ]



Major Fire at Genesis Rescue Systems, near Dayton, Ohio

WHIO Video

Wednesday, July 1, 2015  An industrial fire at Genesis Rescue Products rendered the building and its contents a total loss, Kettering Fire Chief Tom Butts said.
Heavy flames and smoke could be seen for miles
Cause of fire under investigation
Fire crews continue to put out hot spots Wednesday morning
The fire, believed to have started in the rear of the one-story facility in the 2700 block of Culver Avenue, is under investigation, Butts said, noting “we have no idea at this time why it started.”
He said there is “nothing suspicious whatsoever” about the fire that burned through most of the roof and caused a spare truck tire inside to explode. He declined to guess at estimating the dollar-figure loss.
Crews received the dispatch at 6:19 p.m. Tuesday and found heavy flames and smoke that could be seen for miles, Butts said. Fire officials spoke with the business owner, the chief said, who told them it was a normal business day and that all of the employees left at 5 p.m.
Genesis ma... [ more ]




Michael Clark, RIP BROTHER

Michael Clark, RIP BROTHER

Wednesday, July 1, 2015  Within just a few days-a fire department in West Virginia lost two members in off duty crashes. Another crash left a FF dead in the NE-leaving 3 little kids and a wife behind. The 2nd one, (in West Virginia) happened this morning at around 0300, killing 22 year old Firefighter Brandon Mooney.

22 years old. 

Mooney was driving a Jeep when he lost control, causing it to roll over several times before landing over a hillside. The Jeep went several hundred feet before stopping. All four of the people inside the vehicle were thrown from the Jeep. None of them were wearing seatbelts. Three women were taken to the hospital for treatment. No word on their conditions yet. Cops say alcoholic beverages were found in the vehicle and that may have been a factor in the crash.

Mooney is the second Firefighter the Glasgow Fire Department has lost in little over a week. On June 22, Firefighter Michael Clark, 21, died in a crash near Glasgow. His ... [ more ]



19 Hotshot Firefighters Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Settlement to Achieve Changes

YouTube Video

Wednesday, July 1, 2015  Hotshot widow Roxanne Warneke recalled being "enraged" when she first visited the site where her husband William Warneke died in June 2013 along with 18 of his fellow Granite Mountain Hotshots.The terrain of the Yarnell Hill wildfire came as a shock, Warneke said, because she knew that venturing down that rocky canyon went against everything her husband had been taught in his military and firefighting training.

She wanted answers.

Getting those answers was not easy, however, neither for Warneke nor for the other families.

Twelve of the families sued the state in June 2014 - in part to require more transparency in the investigation process.

Indeed, information was central to the list of 32 steps the Arizona State Forestry Division has promised to do as a part of a settlement of the wrongful death lawsuit that the 12 Hotshot families filed.

Parties on all sides appeared satisfied with the settlement, which, along with the list of ... [ more ]



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